July 19, 2024

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Excursions in Grand Cayman Islands – West Caribbean

Be enchanted as you wander in one of the world’s best cruise destinations – Grand Cayman! Grand Cayman is a 22 mile long island, and is by far the biggest of the three Cayman Islands.

Excursions at the Grand Cayman Islands

Excursions at the Grand Cayman Islands

It is located 150 miles south of Cuba and northwest of Jamaica. Its sister islands, Cayman Brac and Little Cayman, are located approximately 85 miles east north-east from it.

The island’s capital city, George Town, is home for about 40,000 people. It is a popular port of call in the Caribbean for its pristine waters that offer plenty of water sports activities, excellent dining, and amazing nightlife experience.

Below is a comprehensive list of shore and land excursions offered by cruise lines at the Grand Cayman Port.


Excursions in Grand Cayman Islands located in West Caribbean


Dolphin Discovery

Have an extraordinary experience to play and swim with the dolphins amidst the enthralling blue waters of the pool. Once you arrive, you will be introduced to the dolphins. You will get to know them by names and the chance to have hands-fin shake as a greeting.

Dolphin Discovery

Dolphin Discovery

The dolphins will come to you to caress them and then the fun-filled activity will start. At first, you will swim your way to the crystal-clear waters. Later, two dolphins will swim by your side. You will hold on to their dorsal fins and they will quickly pull you through the waters.

The fun will not end there. As you lay on your belly, the dolphins will come up behind you. They will get on each of your feet, and they will lift you out of the water. It literally seems like you are skiing on the dolphins. You will certainly have the problem of erasing the smile on your face!


Boatswain’s Beach

Visit the home of more than 11,000 green sea turtles and grab the chance to interact with these fascinating creatures. As you tour around the marine park’s facility, you will get to drop by their breeding pond, Turtle Hatchery, and the education center.

Enjoy seeing different species of turtles. Get the chance to see tons of hatchlings and once-in-a-lifetime experience of holding one at Touch Tanks section. As your tour progresses, you will pass by the Nature Trail where you will be captivated by the beauty of Mother Nature plus a small cave system.

Continue walking to the Bird Aviary, a place where you can see Caymanian and Caribbean birds. Arrive at their featured lagoon for a snorkelling adventure. You will have the time to swim with the yearling size turtles. Take pleasure in playing with these marine creatures and be delighted as you swim your way to them.

At the Predator’s Reef, you will see a lot of sharks by way of the underwater viewing panel.  Observe how they interact with their co-species in their natural habitat.


Nautilus Semi-Submarine Exploration

Nautilus Semi-Submarine Excursion

Nautilus Semi-Submarine Excursion

Board an air-conditioned semi-submarine Nautilus and let it bring you to the most captivating underwater world of the Caribbean Sea. Prepare to be dazed as you navigate your way to Cheeseburger Reef where you get to see tons of colorful fish and eye-catching array of reefs.

The vessel will then take you to the eerie prehistoric shipwrecks of the Cali and Balboa. The shipwrecks are now home to thousands of different species of marine life. As you go all through these unforgettable experiences, your guides will narrate interesting facts about what you are seeing.


Hell and Tortuga Rum Company

Get on a bus that will transport you to the “Town of Hell”. Visit its interesting rock formations that will take you to a different side of the world.

When you are there at sunset, you will see the reason why it is called ‘Hell’. As the orange rays of the sun reflect on the water, you will see the waters sparkling like a blazing hellfire. You can take this opportunity to snap pictures and send them off to friends with a postmark from ‘Hell’.

Head on to the island’s rum cake center where you will have the chance to taste authentic Cayman delicacies from freshly baked rum cake morsels to Beef Patti and varieties of flavored beers. After sampling, you buy some and take it home with you.


Coral Garden

Coral Garden at the Grand Cayman Islands

Coral Garden at the Grand Cayman Islands

Take the time to visit the famous underwater site for thousands of fascinating fish. Put on your snorkeling gear and dip into the pristine waters of the Caribbean Sea. Follow your guides as they lead you to a garden full of coral reefs.

You will see angel fish, schools of blue tangs, parrot fish, and many more. You can play hide and seek with the fishes. Look for them as they hide in the flowery designs of corals and tubes of sponges. Have a revitalizing swim as you splash through the waters heading to your boat.


Stingray Sandbar

Enjoy a breathtaking experience with the amazing and gentle stingrays. In the waist deep waters, you can swim, touch, and play with these attractive creatures. Your enthusiastic guides will tell you informative facts about the stingrays.

Be thrilled as the stingrays swim past right by your legs. You will also get to hold a stingray and take some pictures with it. You can ask one of your guides to help you if necessary. The stingrays are large but soft. They love to be petted so go for it!


Seven Mile Beach

Discover the award-winning, Caribbean’s best beach. Enjoy relaxing walks around and see lots of resorts, restaurants, and beach bars. Amidst the white sand beach and crystal clear waters of the Caribbean Sea, you will find peace in this little piece of heaven.

If you are an avid snorkeler, you are at the right place. There are snorkeling sites on this beach that you will absolutely love to explore. You will be able to see different types of fish. Afterwards, you can lay on the beach and let the warmth of the sun dry you naturally.

Atlantis XI Submarine Underwater Quest

Atlantis XI Submarine

Atlantis XI Submarine

Board the state-of-the-art Atlantis Submarine and ready yourself for an exhilarating underwater world exploration. Sit comfortably in the provided soft padded chair and peek through the glass window. You will see several fascinating fishes, sea turtles, and beautiful coral reefs.

The submarine will take you to as deep as 100 feet below sea level. Take a glimpse of the underwater world that you won’t always get to see. You will have opportunity to see thousands of different fish like nurse shark, barracudas, and other exquisite sea creatures.


Beach Horseback Riding

Hop aboard a van that will take you to the most alluring beach in Grand Cayman. Marvel through the captivating beauty of the beach by riding a friendly, healthy, and well-trained horse.

As you ride your way through the beach, you will pass by local fishermen where you get the chance to greet them and see what they have found as the days catch.

Continue in your luxurious horseback riding and be inspired as you see the inviting blue waters of the Caribbean, green sea turtles, stingrays, and other marine life. You will have all the chance to take pictures.

By the end of the tour, take some refreshments before boarding the van that will take you back to your cruise ship.


Amphibious Sea and Land Snorkel Adventure

Enjoy an incredible bus-boat ride through the beautiful and captivating places of Grand Cayman. In land, enjoy a scenic tour at George Town. Visit its historical sites packed with interesting fun facts narrated by friendly and enthusiastic guides.

Cruise the inviting waters in this unsinkable bus and view the underwater world by their submerged video cameras and large LCD monitors. The bus will bring you to beautiful underwater attractions of Cayman like the famous shipwrecks and enchanting coral reef sites.

Cayman Pirate Encounter

Reminisce the days when pirates ruled the sea of Caribbean. Board one of the pirate ships and let yourself travel back to the old times. Be thrilled as you see pirates attack your cruise ship. They will fire cannons, wake up late riser pirates, and get the entire job done to win the attack.

Find pleasure in seeing your kids take an oath to the Pirates Creed of Ethics. Watch them as they scrub the deck with a beautiful smile painted across their face. For the adults, there will be complimentary rum punch, sodas, and water for refreshment.

Don’t restrain yourself in jumping from the ship to the crystal clear waters of Caribbean Sea. Swim heartily and enjoy. Climb your way back to the ship after an invigorating bath. After the swim, you will be given another Cayman rum punch.


Certified Shore Dive

Take a scenic drive going to the dive shop. Before dipping into the water, you will be given a short orientation and safety briefing. Later, you will put on your diving gear and follow your diving instructor to the reef.

At the waters, enjoy seeing a multitude of marine life and coral reefs. Find fishes like grouper, angelfish, and parrot fish. At times, you will see sharks and sea turtles. Relax and take in the beauty that surrounds you.


Cayman Motor Museum

Explore the newest attraction in Cayman. Know why it became very popular to many locals and tourists alike. If you got an eye for historical vehicles of the past, then you will never want to leave this place as you will see 80 incredible antique cars and motor bikes.

Cayman Motor Museum

Cayman Motor Museum

Have the chance to see the first car made by Benz on 1886. You will also be delighted to see Queen Elizabeth II’s 1956 Daimler, 1963 Bentley car of Elton John, and many more remarkable cars. As the tour continues, you will see many Ferraris, Jaguars, Thunderbirds, and Corvettes.

Not just that. Take a glimpse at the original ‘Batmobile’ of Batman and Robin, famous marvel comic characters. Or you might want to see the 1937 Morgan vehicle of the Phantom Rolls-Royce. Also visit their Gift Shop where you can find more automobile memorabilia.


Sea Trek Grand Cayman

Prepare yourself for an extraordinary underwater world expedition. The guides will give you safety briefing and let you wear a 75 pounds helmet which allows you to breath under the water, without letting your face damp.

You will walk around the captivating surroundings of the underwater world without minding if you know how to swim or not. If you know how to breathe and walk, then you can go for it!

Walk on the sea floor, see thousands of fish and other marine life, and visit the enchanting garden of corals. You will also have the opportunity to hand-feed the fishes and get close to them.


Scuba Diving Activity

Head to Casuarina Point where you will be given scuba diving orientation and safety briefing. You will have the chance to practice scuba diving in shallow waters of the pool before dipping into the real realm of the underwater world.

Your certified scuba diver guides will accompany you to one of the best scuba diving sites of Grand Cayman. You will visit mesmerizing coral reefs that are an abode for thousands of fish and other fascinating marine life. Don’t forget to bring underwater camera with you to capture the memory.


Barrier Reef Snorkel Adventure

Barrier Reef Snorkel Adventure

Barrier Reef Snorkel Adventure

Board a boat that will take you to Barrier Reef. As your boat glides through the waters of Caribbean, you will be given safety briefing and clear instruction. It is also your time to don your snorkeling equipment.

Upon arrival, you will jump straight to the waters where you will see different types of fish. If you are lucky, you might be able to find barracudas. Your guides will also bring out their pet stingray where you get the chance to caress them.


Rum Point Beach

Find everything you need from a beach escapade at Rum Point. Be spellbound as you walk on its white sand while looking at the pristine waters of Caribbean. Discover its shallow water where you can have a snorkeling adventure.

Visit the favorite spot of ‘Barry’, a giant barracuda, which is under the jetty. Relax in a hammock or deckchairs while eating your lunch or snack and sipping your desired tropical drink.

You can stop at their featured gift shop where you can find selections of souvenirs.


Cayman Island Tour

Ride an air-conditioned bus as you explore the stunning places on Cayman Island. First, you will visit the historical George Town. Your guides will give you insights of the place’s history and traditions. You will also see historical architecture and attractions as well as the well-known Fort George.

The bus will pass through Seven Mile Beach, then to Governor’s Residence where you will have the chance to take pictures. You will then head to the district of West Bay to see beautiful gingerbread-like houses.

Be delighted as you travel comfortably inside the bus passing through scenic views.


Cayman Kayak and Snorkel Safari

Ride your way to the famous Seven Mile Beach, home to the Tiki Beach. Upon entrance, the staffs will give you orientation on what you are about to partake. They will then give you snorkeling gear and a two-person kayak. Let the adventure begin!

Cayman Kayak and Snorkel Safari

Cayman Kayak and Snorkel Safari

Follow your guides, aboard the kayak, as they head out of the beach. You will cruise the waters beside Seven Mile Beach and have an extraordinary view of its coastline. Once you reach the beautiful and enthralling Governor’s Reef, dip into the waters then swim your way to the reef.

Be ecstatic as you see thousands of fish in their natural habitat. Marvel through the garden of coral reefs and you will absolutely find plenty of captivating marine life. Paddle your way back to the beach and relax on the provided lounge chairs.


Cayman Para Sailing Adventure

Embark on a powerboat that will take you to an exhilarating water ride. You will then be prepared for para sailing together with a fellow cruiser. The boat will rev up so that you will gently lift up to the sky. The guides will assist you through this all.

Up in the sky, feel the freedom and peacefulness as you see amazing vistas from above. You will have 7 to 10 minutes to enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Afterwards, you can choose which manner to get down – either you dip into the ocean or get back to the boat to avoid getting wet.


Pedro St. James Castle

Pedro St. James Castle at the Grand Cayman Island

Pedro St. James Castle at the Grand Cayman Island

Visit the birthplace of Grand Cayman’s first constitution, Pedro St. James Castle. It is a living legacy of the island that makes history come alive. At the museum, you will watch a show that allows you to see the island’s humble beginning and how it became the Cayman you know right now.

The Castle is composed of 7-acres that include the restored great house, the remains of hurricane Ivan, and the fascinating vistas. You will also have the chance to visit their gift shop that offers a lot of authentic Caymanian souvenirs.


4×4 Jeep Wrangler Safari

Head to a Jeep facility where you will receive a short orientation and safety briefing. Later, you will be asked to boar the automatic 4×4 Jeep Wrangler. Ride your jeep and follow your guides heading to the north side of Grand Cayman.

First, you will stop at Morgan’s Harbor to have the chance of experiencing its enchanting beauty. You will then head to Barkers National Park to see natural mangroves and charming blue iguanas.

You will pass through Turtle Farm en route to Tortuga Rum Cake where you get the chance to sample their mouth-watering delicacies. Continue your drive to the ‘Town of Hell’ to see its unusual rock formations and get to observe why it is called ‘Hell’.

Board your jeep and keep on driving to Tiki Beach located at Seven Mile Beach. At the beach, you will get the chance to relax and unwind.

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