June 13, 2024

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Excursions in Half Moon Cay

Find yourself in a haven amidst the Caribbean Ocean – Half Moon Cay! The Half Moon Cay Port is located on Little San Salvador Island, which is 100 miles southeast of Nassau. It is privately owned by Holland America Line / Carnival Cruises.

Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas

Half Moon Cay in the Bahamas

Experience the beauty of untouched wilderness. Discover the enthralling beauty of this place that coveted millions of people’s interest. This is a perfect place to give you time to unwind, nurture and relax.

Take part in plenty of activities – from Aqua-Trax Adventure and horseback riding to snorkeling. Don’t also miss the para-sailing adventure that gives you an excellent view of the Cay without letting your feet damp.

Its turquoise water is warm and appealing, giving you more reasons to stay, while its surroundings are filled with luscious rainforests.

Below is a comprehensive list of shore and land excursions offered by cruise lines in Half Moon Cay.


Excursions in Half Moon Cay


Glass-bottom Boat

Board a high-tech glass-bottom boat that allows you to see the underwater world without getting wet. Listen to your knowledgeable guides as they talk about the Bahamas, its history, must-see places and progress.

Explore the enchanting beauty below you as you cruise the waters of Caribbean in search of nothing but captivating marine life with unique coral formations that hide them. Enjoy the scenery while your guides feed the fishes and they gather around your boat.


Bone Fish Lagoon

Visit the famous Bone Fish Lagoon that features over 1,400 square acres of secluded habitat. You will see countless species of flora and numerous seabirds of different kinds. Along the tour, your guide will give insights and information about the place and will answer questions you might have.


Aqua Trax Watercraft Adventure

Aqua Trax Watercraft Adventure - Excursions in Half Moon Cay

Aqua Trax Watercraft Adventure - Excursions in Half Moon Cay

Navigate the beautiful island of Half Moon Cay through the waters in an aqua trax watercraft. You will be astonished by the fascinating beauty of the water. The guide will tour you to every significant place of the island like the nurse sanctuary of sharks, mini-islands, and sandbars.

You will have much time to spend in the most beautiful waters above the riveting coral reefs and varieties of fish. You will then get back to the beach in time for barbeque styled meal and cool tropical drinks.


Guided Tour by Bike

Explore tropical paradise in Half Moon Cay through bike ride. Start your journey at the Pegasus Ranch and choose your bike. Make sure to have a bike that is well aired so that you can enjoy the ride. You can ask help from your guide if necessary.

Begin your journey and be prepared to see mockingbirds, wood doves, and white crown pigeons as you progress your wilderness hike. When you reach the highest points of the island, be captivated as you get a great view of Bone Fish Lagoon, Goat Cay, Long Rocks, Cat Island, and Stingray Park.


Historic Nature Walk

Join an informative naturalist in your educational tour through the tropical paradise of Half Moon Cay. All throughout the walk, your guide will give you insights and information about the island. Enjoy as you pass beautiful scenery with tropical palms, sea grape trees, curly tailed lizards, and banaquit birds.

You will be taken into a small lagoon where you can see Stingray Park and the turquoise waters of Half Moon Cay. Stop at a small covered pavilion where you can sit back and enjoy refreshing cool bottled water. At the end of the walk, your guide will lead you to a pavilion full of delicious food to choose from.


Horseback Riding By Land and Sea

Reach the orientation site by way of tram, listen for short guidelines, and mount up a well-trained horse. Follow your guides as you trail to the highest points of the Island that overlook the ocean and give you captivating panorama.

Horseback Riding By Land and Sea - Excursions in Half Moon Cay

Horseback Riding By Land and Sea - Excursions in Half Moon Cay

The guides will lead your way to the beach. Give yourself a break and have some refreshments while your horses are prepared for swimming. Enjoy as your run in the waters with your horse. Your ocean ride will surely be an exhilarating experience.

At the end of the ride, a cool shower awaits you to eradicate all the salt and sand. Board a covered truck to take you back to the main island and be served with delicious food at the pavilion.



Put on your safety gear and lift yourself up high as your speed boat revs up. Soar up to 600 feet above the sparkling waters of Half Moon Cay and see its overall from above.

Be allured by the beauty of Half Moon Cay and forget about your phobia of heights. Feel free and safe. You will surely do this adventure again without any doubt.


Private Oasis

Private Oasis at the Half Moon Cay Island

Private Oasis at the Half Moon Cay Island

Get the best of Half Moon Cay in your own Private Oasis. It is an exclusive private cabana with 1, 620 square feet full of outstanding amenities such as outdoor teak lounges and bar stools, barbeque area, indoor and outdoor showers, full wet bar and refrigerator, sun deck with a hot tub, and more.

You will also have your own private butler, personal chef, bartender, steward, and lifeguard. Inclusive are the countless selections of food and beverages. Enjoy your own private place together with your family and friends. Dip yourself into the water just in front of your cabana and go for sunbathing.


Private Cabana

Get pleasure from the white baby-powder-like sand with your private cabana available in different colors. Each cabana is equipped with a refrigerator, ceiling fan, air conditioner, tables and chairs, deck chairs, and misting shower with complimentary towel.

You will have all the chance to enjoy the view of the beach, the sun, and a private place to get away. Spend your day swimming, sun bathing, and relaxing. You can also snorkel around without having to use snorkeling gear since the water is very clear.


Stingray Cove Adventure

Excursions in Half Moon Cay - Stingray Cove Adventure

Excursions in Half Moon Cay - Stingray Cove Adventure

Head to Stingray Cove by taking a short tram and listen to your guide’s orientation about the interesting sea creature. Put on your snorkel gear and go into the waters with your guide. Prepare yourself for this amazing snorkeling adventure.

Come close to the stingrays. Touch its silky wings and grab the chance to feed it by hand. Swim along with these friendly creatures as they move from one place to another. Don’t worry about other marine life coming in, since there is a safety net that barricades the stingrays from the others.


Half Moon Cay Snorkel Adventure

Ready your snorkeling gear and take a trip by boat off the coast of Half Moon Cay. Be delighted as you move smoothly through the crystal waters of Caribbean. Once you reach the site, let your skilled guides assist you with getting into the water if necessary.

Take a dip and explore the underwater world. Follow your guides as they swim going to the beautiful reefs full of different types of fish. Swim your way to their spot and be oriented with colorful fishes as your guides point. Swim with the fish and feel as if you are in a giant aquarium with them.


Deep Sea Fishing

Cruise out to the salt sea waters of Caribbean in search of big marine life. Relax in your boat but always ready yourself for mahi mahi, wahoo, snapper, and grouper. Your target is to catch them and release them afterwards.

Cast your line and then reel it in if something takes the bait. You may ask your guides for assistance. If you hook one, don’t forget to take pictures and videos to keep the memory!


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