April 23, 2024

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Excursions in Nassau Bahamas – The Island Paradise


Excursions in Nassau Bahamas

Excursions in Nassau Bahamas

Be astounded as you arrive on the famous pirates’ nest back to the old times. Nassau, located in New Providence, is a perfect blend of nations – from England, West Africa, Haiti to United States.

Nassau was originally named Charles Town, but was smouldered down by the Spaniards in 1684.

The place was rebuilt and was renamed Nassau in 1965 as an honor for King William III from the House of Orange-Nassau.

There are countless places to visit and things to do while in Nassau. It is famous for its soft-sanded beaches, luxurious hotels, and resorts that offer different types of water adventure. Get the best of Nassau by exploring its captivating islands and don’t ever restrain yourself from having wonderful excursions!

Below is a comprehensive list of shore and land excursions offered by cruise lines in the port of Nassau.


Blue Lagoon Island

Experience the real Bahamas escapade in this enchanting Island! Ride through the waters and see the picturesque panorama around you on this privately owned isle.

Upon arrival, be filled with educational orientation about the island, wildlife guidelines and animal training procedures. Grab the chance to encounter sea lions, Bahamian Atlantic bottlenose dolphins, and other animal life so close to you. Don’t miss the opportunity to cuddle, kiss, feed, swim and play with these friendly aquatic mammals.

Or you can just sit from a nearby platform and observe these adorable aquatic mammals as your guides introduce them to you and share their natural history.

The Island also offers plenty of water sports adventure like snorkeling, kayaks and water bikes.

Fill your hungry stomach with varieties of tasteful delicacies, tropical drinks and imported beers. Shop all you want or simply buy a souvenir from their gift shop that will remind you how Blue Lagoon Island makes your excursion extraordinary!


Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island

Nassau Excursions - Atlantis Resort Paradise Island

Nassau Excursions – Atlantis Resort Paradise Island

Ride a 25-minute bus going to Atlantis Resort at Paradise Island, which is one of the most prominent water-themed parks in the world. Once the destination is reached, you will be given a self-guided map, beach lounge chair, and a towel.

Start your aquaventure according to your desire and be assured of extreme satisfaction.

Atlantis offers a wide array of water adventures – you can choose from water slides, high intensity river rides and invigorating pools. You might want to try different thrilling water slides from Leap of Faith that offer 60 feet almost-vertical drop, Challenger Slide that brings you express splashdown, The Abyss that offers 50 feet close to vertical drop all the way through complete darkness, and many more!

Your water adventure would not end there! Explore the collection of marine exhibits Atlantis has to offer.Visit Dolphin Cay where you can play and swim with the adorable dolphins and playful sea lions in their 14-acre natural habitat.

Discover exotic sea creatures in The Dig which is believed to be a 11,000 year old lost continent. Spend some time in their Sea Keepers Adventurers programs by snorkeling the deep sea ruins.

Marvel and be surprised with all the 20,000 deep reef and different types of fish. There are still plenty of marine exhibits you would see, and among them are the Predator Lagoon, Hibiscus Lagoon, and Seagrapes Lagoon.

Swim with the sharks in their famous Mayan Temple Shark Exhibit. Put on your clear glass helmets and listen carefully to your guide’s safety briefing. Later, launch yourself and get close to this marine life, the cousins of the sharks from the movie Jaws.

You will also see other marine life in this unique aquarium like starfish and other colorful fishes.

After a fun-filled water adventure, attempt something different – like trying your rock climbing skills. Proceed to Climber’s Rush fronting Atlantis Fitness Center and try their 12 different climbing surfaces. You can rock climb on your own, or have a friend come along with you in their group sheer climb clinics.

If you love playing golf, then head for their Ocean Club Golf Course which is an 18-hole par 72 championship course that stretches over 7, 100 yards. You will be captivated by its beautiful seaside setting and eye-catching fairways.


Ardastra Zoo and Gardens

Excursions in Bahamas Nassau - Ardastra Zoo and Gardens

Excursions in Bahamas Nassau – Ardastra Zoo and Gardens

Drive to Fort Fincastle, walk down to Queen Victoria’s staircase, then stop at Ardastra Gardens, Zoo and Conservation Center. You will see rich Bahamas wilderness filled with different type of protected species.

March on with their legendary marching flamingos, hand feed their mischievous lorry parrots, and see Sasha and Sheba, the jaguar sisters.

Enjoy the cool beverages served by Parrot Pit Stop and find something to bring home at Toby’s Treasures.


Nassau Harbor Cruise

Climb aboard in a sleek Catamaran, and relax luxuriously in your comfortable seat while cruising the stunning seaside of Nassau.

Get pleasure from the enchanting scenery while enjoying champagne, rum punch and other cool beverages. Take in the beauty that surrounds you and marvel how wonderful the sea could be, above and below.

View Nassau from its waters and its overall area as you travel its coast.


Clear Kayak Adventure

Bahamas Excursions - Clear Kayak Adventure Nassau

Bahamas Excursions – Clear Kayak Adventure Nassau

Explore marine life in Bahamas on a glass-bottom boat – a transparent kayak! Listen to your guides as they brief you with safety procedures and tips, then follow them in search for marine life adventure!

Look around you and under your transparent kayak, see countless marine creatures below you as you paddle through.

Don’t forget to bring along fish food during this adventure so that you can feed the fishes while in your kayak and watch them as they gather around you.


Parasail Adventure

In a para sail, soar 400 feet above the turquoise sea water of Bahamas. Enjoy as you glide with another cruiser through the wind.

Look at the beauty of Paradise Island, Cable Beach, and downtown area of Nassau on top. Enjoy 7 to 8 minutes airborne before giving chance to another cruiser.

After parasailing, you will be served complimentary rum or fruit punch before heading to your cruise ship.


Nassau Forts

Hop on your waiting air-conditioned bus that will take you to Rawson Square, where you can see a bronze figurine of Sir Milo Butler.

Next is Fort Fincastle where another tour guide awaits, and gives you a tour through the fort and Queen Victoria’s Staircase.

Then you will head to Fort Charlotte where you can visit the dungeons of the fort.


Pirates of Nassau Museum

Cruise Excursions in Bahamas - Pirates of Nassau Museum

Cruise Excursions in Bahamas – Pirates of Nassau Museum

Reminisce the time when Nassau was the haven of notorious pirates of the past. Board your waiting bus and visit the Pirates of Nassau Museum.

Experience the fun as if you are also one of the pirates that live in the old times. At the Museum, you will be lead by a pirate to travel through the wax museum. Follow your pirate guide and come face to face with Blackbeard, Ann Bonny and Mary Read.

You will also see live dramatic play of pirate battles and how they live their life, all with sound and light effects. You can board a replica of pirate ship named “Revenge” and enter the world of vicious pirates.


Seaworld Explorer / Glass-Bottom Boat

Discover the underwater world of Bahamas and be captivated by its wonders. Ride the Seaworld Explorer / Glass-bottom boat and descend into its hull – which is five feet below the water’s surface.

You will then see bountiful sea living creatures through its large glass windows, and your guides will give you an educational briefing about what you see through the glass.

Enjoy your view at ‘Sea Garden’ full of various tropical fishes and coral reefs to fill your curious eyes. As your captain attracts hundreds of fishes to the vessel through feeding, ready your camera and enjoy the flashes and grins of not only your fellow cruisers but also of the fishes.


Blackbeard’s Cay Beach Break

You will be provided complimentary welcome drink along with a beach chair once you arrive at Blackbeard’s. After this, you can choose different type of activities to spend your time at this remarkable beach.

Indulge yourself in beach volleyball, basketball and kayaking to make your stay worthwhile. You can also snorkel in its rich water and find plenty of adorable marine life.

Search for their famous Atlantic Southern stingrays and when you spot one, glide with them and enjoy!

The beach also offers an outdoor grilling station that serves delectable meat and vegetable menus. If you are up for some drinks, head to Bacardi Beach Bar where you can find tropical beverages to refresh yourself.

There are also plenty of gift shops present at the beach. You can spend some time to look for something to bring home with you.


Rainbow Reef Snorkel Tour

Take pleasure in snorkeling in one of Caribbean’s most striking coral reefs. The guides will accompany you through the sanctuary of marine life.

Be amazed as you swim through the fascinating reefs with some fishes swimming with you. See large and small marine life and grab the chance to get close to them.

Don’t forget to bring along with you your underwater camera!


Athol Island Snorkeling

Cruise Excursions Nassau - Athol Island Snorkeling Bahamas

Cruise Excursions Nassau – Athol Island Snorkeling Bahamas

Explore the beauty of this uninhabited island full of reefs and varieties of fishes to see. While cruising, your guides will share historical facts about the place and will answer questions that you might have.

You will also see the exquisiteness of the island from afar and find out how appealing it is.

Once you arrive, you can swim your way to the deepest and clearest water there is. Be amazed with the striking reefs from huge to flower like sizes.

Play hide-and-seek with the fishes as you search for them hiding in the reefs. Your guides will lead you through the snorkeling quest and will happily point every fish for you to see.


Jeep Exploration

Discover New Providence in a self-driven tour with a guide. Board on a 4WD vehicle with other cruisers and lead the way to exploring the best in this Island.

You and your other companions can take turns in driving.

Listen to your guides through an onboard walkie-talkie as they narrate every significant place you pass through. Visit historical Ports, buildings, and homes of the famous persons living in the Island.

At the end of the tour, you can stopover at a local beach where you can swim and relax.


Junkanoo Museum

Nassau Cruise Excursions - Junkanoo Museum Nassau Bahamas

Nassau Cruise Excursions – Junkanoo Museum Nassau Bahamas

Take a glimpse on a Bahamian National Cultural Festival that features thousands of people dancing through Bay Street in a wide array of colors.

In this tour, learn different components that makes this festival outstanding and worth celebrating. Your guide will show you pictures and costumes used for the festival.

You will also hear deep goat skin beats of drums, cow bells and brass horns. Explore the museum and discover how the beautiful costumes are created.


Segway Experience

Travel around Nassau in your own battery-powered Segway vehicle. Listen to your guides as they show how to easily maneuver the machine.

After knowing the basics, slowly glide it according to your desire. You will soon know how to control it as the tour progresses.

Roll down the pathways of Nassau Harbor and be captivated with its enthralling beauty. Pass through the sideways of the beaches and proceed to the well-known Fish Fry.

Visit the Junkanoo Beach and hop off. Give yourself a break and have some refreshments. Continue your journey to Prince George Wharf before rolling back to where you started the ride.


Undersea / Stand-Up Viewboard Adventure

Bahamas Cruise Excursions - Undersea and Stand-Up Viewboard Adventure

Bahamas Cruise Excursions – Undersea and Stand-Up Viewboard Adventure

Board a catamaran going to View-board site. Upon arrival, you will be given safety briefing and demonstration on how to use the view board.

When you are ready, embark on your personal view board and glide your way to the turquoise waters of Bahamas.

Never forget to bring food fish during this adventure. Sprinkle the food and be delighted as you watch the fishes gather around you. You will definitely see many varieties of fish – some might be large, and most can be seen in different colors.


Graycliff Hotel and Restaurant

Experience a luxurious living in this 5-star hotel and restaurant. Once you reach the place, you will be given a chance to tour the hotel.

Stop by their award-winning wine cellar that features more than 250,000 bottles of rare wine collection coming from 15 different countries.

Visit their Cigar Company that was founded in 1997. The company has 16 master rollers that generate variety of blends. Discover how the masters create an award-winning cigar and learn their secrets through the company’s history.

Transfer to their captivating garden with two invigorating pools. You can refresh yourself in the pool and wait for their luscious three course meal. While waiting for the food, you can also opt for an upgrade – like a massage, rum and cigar, or some pastries.


Stuart Cove’s

Stuart Coves - Nassau Bahamas Cruise Excursions

Stuart Coves – Nassau Bahamas Cruise Excursions

Find the best snorkeling spot of Bahamas in Stuart Cove’s. You will be greeted by professional and friendly staff.

They will give you a safety briefing and the snorkeling gear. Put on your gear and prepare yourself for the three different sites to snorkel.

Enjoy snorkeling the underwater world of Stuart Cove’s. At the first two sites, you will be delighted with plenty of tropical fish and coral reefs.

By the third site, be brave in meeting the sharks closely. Watch them as they glide around and beneath you.


Wyndham Resort Getaway

Allow yourself to be carried away at the beautiful and enthralling beach resort in Bahamas. Enjoy the water slides and the pool. You can also indulge yourself in waverunners or parasailing activities.

Explore their underwater world right off the beach. You will surely be delighted with the fishes you see and swim with!

As you indulge yourself in activities, hear live music played by a DJ. Don’t miss the buffet that offers excellent range of food choices.

There are also a variety of drinks to choose from, and a casino to spend some of your happy time.


Scuba Diving (Two-Tank)

The best way to explore the clear waters of Bahamas is to dive in its deep underwater world. Before dipping into the water, your guides will give you safety guidelines and basic instructions of scuba diving. They will let you practice and be familiar with your diving gear.

When you are ready, accompany your guides as they dive into the shallow part of the water. You will surely be amazed with the countless schools of tropical fish.

Swim your way to the reefs and find more of them hiding. When you want something more, dive in further.

You will see magnificent sharks in a non-feeding environment along the soft coral walls and sponges. Come close to them but never touch them!


SUB Bahamas Adventure

SUB Bahamas Adventure - Nassau Cruise Excursions

SUB Bahamas Adventure – Nassau Cruise Excursions

Discover the underwater world of Bahamas in a SUB submerged motorbike. At the SUB shop, you will be given a short guideline and orientation before boarding your own SUB.

Then all the cruisers will be taken down to the water one by one. Each will be given a safety line to clip it in their SUBs.

When all are safely down in the water, you can remove the safety line and do your own paddling. Follow your guide through the waters and enjoy the scenery of the underwater world.

The trip is divided into shifts so you can snorkel in between shifts.

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